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Our Story

Hiwire Costumes was founded 8 years ago when several aerialist friends were in need of aerial costumes but only had access to dance costumes in catalogs. There were few options and the fit and body protection required for an aerialist can be vastly different than that of a dancer. This is something we truly understand.

Our first costumes were created for close friends in the local aerial arts community and soon grew to a worldwide clientelle. 

Walking the Hiwire

For the last 20 years, I have always walked the high wire between the fashion and costume worlds, carefully balancing the two concepts and taking risks. I began my career in the fashion world and soon tumbled into costume design.  Hiwire Costumes was born 5 years ago when several of my aerialists friends lamented over the lack of options for aerial costumes. I draw most of my inspiration from vintage costumes, high-fashion runway, and from my love of working in the theatrical and opera world. Old circus photos are a huge inspiration for me. When women first started performing in the circus during the Victorian and Edwardian Periods, it was a show of strength and feminism. They were courageous women thumbing their noses at a repressed society and choosing self-expression and talent for themselves. I can't be so naive as to believe it was all glamorous. I'm sure there was a dark side to it, which is why my designs aren't completely polished. If you look closely at the glitz you will see deconstruction, grit, and tatters. This is all intentional.

I use a lot of theatrical techniques when aging and creating effects in my designs. It's important to me that each costume feels like it could've been pulled out of an old steamer trunk. I rarely use a fabric straight off the bolt without dying, painting, or manipulating my materials in some way to make it mysterious and special. 
All of my costumes come with a hand-stamped and hand-written label with your name in it as well as the costume name. Each design is limited edition or one-of-a-kind. I don't want a mass production of these in the world. I want them to remain elusive, coveted, and completely those who wear them and put life into them. And like the stories and mysteries of old circus costumes...

        What history will you make?

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