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P Armstrong's Costume

P Armstrong's Costume


100 years ago, a woman named P Armstrong wore this costume. Her name is written inside. Her energy is in this costume. I'm not one to believe in spirits or energy but I can tell you that when I handled this costume, there was something so visceral about it. It's as if there was a real shape to it, like a "fingerprint" of  a body was there. When my model put it on she said she felt her energy.
It's definitely wearable if you're small enough. Wear it gently but it can definitely be worn! It would also make a GORGEOUS shadow box piece because I do believe it's art and it's inspiring. 

The fabric is metallic Lamé, and in this case, real metal fibers (they don't make it like that anymore!) It has patina in some places and it's really beautiful. The tulle is probably silk fiber and it's coming undone from the elastic a bit. Easy repair. Surprisingly the elastics are all sound. I'm wondering if they were replaced at some point.


  • Non-stretch costume is lined in cotton muslin with darts for shaping.
  • Closure in back is snap with a hook at the top.
  • There are a few places on the seams where it's coming apart a bit but the interior structure is sound and seems to hold everything together. 




XS- Bust 30-32" Waist 24-26" Hip 31-34.5" girth 55-56"


Fits model and her measurements are bust 31 waist 25 hip 32 low hip 35 girth 55.5  

*she said the torso length felt a bit short. Gosh they were tiny 100 years ago! 

Fits my form from the waist down. bust 34.5 waist 26 hip 34.5 girth 58" (short torso on my form)