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“Private Listing”


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Imortant things to remember from your Auntie:

  • One of your greatest and brightest qualities is your want and need to help people. This is a beautiful quality. It's also crucial to remember that YOUR health comes first. You aren't an endless supply of giving. On a plane, the flight attendant tells you to put your mask on before helping others. You can't be helpful to others if you aren't safe and healthy yourself first. 
  • Declaring what you need for your mental health is no different than what you need for physical health. If you're hungry, there is no need to negotiate, explain, compromise, or justify your need to eat. If you're allergic to nuts there's no reason to negotiate, explain, compromise, or justify why you can't eat them. 
  • You are 100% a complete, beautiful person on your own. Don't look to others to complete you or make you whole.
  • Often in difficult or abusive households, there's a perpetrator but also an enabler. When processing things in therapy it's important to address both. You might think one person is the only issue but it's not. Both are important to process to move forward and grow. 
  • Your worth in this world isn't dependant on anything but the mere fact that YOU EXIST IN IT. You don't have to win, accomplish, give or DO anything. Your special, beautiful existance is enough to be worthy. Careful not to make your worth transactional. It's unconditional. You are worthy, accepted, and loved just for your existance. 
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