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Inspired by the great Tim Burton with all the dark Victorian, whimsical feels. Love this quikry color combo so much!


Mustard stretch velvet, stretch sequin, powernet, stretch satin trim, lace applique with crystals and pearls.

Bottoms have standard coverage. Front stripe panel and boobs are lined.

Nude can be dyed darker to match your skin tone.

Flower is stitched tightly around center and outer so it lies as flat as possible. Collar included.

Washing instruction: hand wash cool water, roll in towel, hang to dry


Sizing -

S: bust 32-37"waist 25-30" hip 32-37" girth 57-60"

S/M: bust 32-37" waist 27-32 hip 35-40" girth 57-60"

* all measurements give or take. Message me with any questions about fit.

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